Hope In Uncertain Times – Week Two

The second week of Deepak Chopra’s and Oprah’s Meditation Experience filled me with peace and calm and playfulness..

Day 8

Mira(cle)Doodles - Elina Puohiniemi

And of course at many times Mira’s ego butts in telling the next moves for the life’s dance. But this is it at its prettiest: “Allowing the presence of our individual awareness to join universal awareness and show you what’s next” (Quote Deepak Chopra)

Day 9

Mira(cle)Doodles - Elina Puohiniemi

I loove this theme, trusting yourself. This brings me the same feeling of relief as the “peace overtaking me” the other day.

Day 10

Mira(cle)Doodles - Elina Puohiniemi

I love to play board games and this helped me to see the journey.. Like how those tasks on my way are part of the journey and staying in my game helps me get there, stronger & with more inner peace. Let’s just go through the things in our life, it’s time to face them. There’s sooo much freedom waiting for us on the other side!

Day 11

Mira(cle)Doodles - Elina Puohiniemi

Openness is an interesting concept.. Makes you think of how easily you shut off from certain situations and retreat in your inner world… Well, that happens to me a lot anyway.. and then sometimes I’m sooo open with people that they might think me as naive trusting everyone so easily.. You live you learn! But it sure would bring great relief to never worry about openness and vulnerability again. YOUR ❤ IS MY ❤ IS YOUR ❤

Day 12

Mira(cle)Doodles - Elina Puohiniemi

Lol, couldn’t resist repeating this same doodle (see day 8) for the purpose of showing how repeating the same old as a dance results in the dancer’s repeat the same old too.

If life’s the dancer and you’re the dance, what are your dancers doing right now? I caught up with two patterns when Oprah asked her question. I’m ready to renew my dance!

Day 13

Mira(cle)Doodles - Elina Puohiniemi

I laughed out loud when Deepak continued with saying:

“Promising to make better choices next time doesn’t work. It only pushes us into an imaginary future.”

Oops again.. The best time for action is now.

Day 14
Mira(cle)Doodles - Elina Puohiniemi

Dr. Shefali Tsabary’s wisdom shared by Oprah in the meditation lead me to doodle one of my favorite doodles so far. I love to be a mother. I love to share my visions of the world with children. I looove to learn more from them and spend time in the world they so well remember and which I haven’t left either. Full of possibilities. Oneness. Love

Oh and the silver paintbucket is a little joke too.. in Finnish the word for silver is “hopea”

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Hope In Uncertain Times – Week One

Here we go again! I find it very inspiring and relaxing to meditate through Deepak Chopra’s and Oprah’s Meditation Experiences and love to doodle the insights I get from their daily messages. It’s easier to let it sink in this way. Here are the doodles from the first week:

Day  1

Mira(cle)doodles - Elina Puohiniemi

Our Universe is filled with a message of hope!

Day 2

Mira(cle)doodles - Elina Puohiniemi

Day 3

Mira(cle)doodles - Elina Puohiniemi

We are free to choose how we react to uncertainty. Here Mira reaches for the skies (external) when she’s desperate, but learns how hope is truly awakened by getting still and listening for inner guidance. So powerful!

Day 4

Mira(cle)doodles - Elina Puohiniemi

Where ever our heart casts her hope-filled light we can see infinite possibilities opening up.

Day  5

Mira(cle)doodles - Elina Puohiniemi

On the edge of the uncomfort zone… Again. Your truth takes you on the other side, where positive change awaits. What are you waiting for?

Day 6

Mira(cle)doodles - Elina Puohiniemi

Those moments we can trust ourselves are plenty.. Pay attention and you’ll have sooo many more chances to get those precious moments added in your daily life.

Day 7

Mira(cle)doodles - Elina Puohiniemi

Wouldn’t you feel FREE to take action if you saw hope in everything? I would for sure!

Are you participating in the meditation experience?
What is your favorite quote from week one  which was all about finding hope from within?

You can see the previous meditation experiences that I’ve doodled through with Mira in my Pinterest board. (This is already the seventh time! I’m hooked!)

Getting My Toes Wet

Mira longed to get her toes wet like in the past in this doodle..

and so she asked around at her Facebook page for an opportunity to visit gorgeous beaches..

And here’s her journey

Rockhopping is one of her favorite things to do!

And to rest with a friend in a peaceful place by a lake. Just perfect!

What do you love to do on a beach?

This was so much fun and I’m soooo grateful for you to join me in this game!

Have a wonderful, peaceful and adventureful week!


Auringon laskiessa Karkkimaailmassa…

Tarinatädin värityskuvat - Elina Puohiniemi

Karkkimaan auringon laskiessa horisontin taakse Ville Vaahtokarkilla riitti vauhtia vaahtokarkkitrampoliineillä yhdessä ystäviensä kanssa.
Lohikäärmeystävykset vertailevat parhaillaan lieskojaan..
“Tällä saa paremman aikaan!”
“Ei, luottakaa minuun, tuleni kovertaa suklaavuorta tehokkaimmin!”
Ja koska sitä ei voitu keskustelemalla sopia, lähtivät lohikäärmeet luikertelemaan ilman halki kohti suklaavuoria. Kenenköhän luolasta tulisi suurin?
Karkkimaan lohikäärmeet sulattavat joka ilta uuden luolan itselleen suklaavuoren kylkeen ja käyvät sinne nukkumaan. Hyvää yötä, lohikäärmeet!
Millaisia tarinoita sinä kertoisit tästä kuvasta?
Olisi hauska kuulla, kerro kommenteissa tai lähetä viestiä!
:: En siis malttanut olla värittämättä tätä karkkimaailmaa vähän itsekin! 🙂
Lisätietoja värityskuvatapaamisista ryhmille *Kliks*