Elina Puohiniemi - elinapHi I’m Elina Puohiniemi and I am here to serve the world and You with my pen.

I let my pen dance for you on my spiritual journey and illustrate the insights I get from it -> -> Mira(cle)Doodles are born for you to enjoy!

Ask my pen to create what your heart desires for you and illustrations for your dreams, books, blog and presentations (you name it!) will be born!

My mission is to clear the fog, to spread clarity into the world with joyful artwork – Because in the essence we are love and that is quite a lot of fun! But I acknowledge that it can seem tricky and that’s why I love to shine the light on all the obstacles that our egos invent for us on our way.

I want my art to help you on your path toward happiness which is inside ourselves at all times.

I vision a happy world where people are kind to eachother and most of all to themselves – and miracles do happen, my own world goes to that direction day by day all the time! Join me!

My guiding stars are love, joy, curiosity, children, nature and creativity and these values have lead my path ever since I was a child, but even more consciously for the past 17 years – after I turned 20.

“I think the sweet, simple, colorful images put me at ease, so that I forget to put up defenses against the ideas that might otherwise threaten my ego. Then I naturally feel what is meant to be felt when looking at your doodle, which is no threat at all, but often actually an invitation to let go of fear and to have faith in the goodness of the universe and of ourselves.”

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My Bio

Finnish doodler Elina Puohiniemi, creator of the Mira(cle)doodle series and founder of her own online community, Mira(cle)doodles, has been an illustrator and graphic designer for over a decade (Although the first logo in commercial use with profound wisdom and insight was created by her in 1991 when she was 12 years old!) Her deep dive into the life coaching and self-help world through her studies and skills as a storyteller makes her doodles powerful reminders to embrace life as it is, right now.

Her passion is to illustrate stories of spiritual growth and she was the in-house doodler for Finland’s number 1 wellbeing website (slow life movement) for four years until she changed the language in her artwork into English and joined the global movement (Project Positive Change) which has 67.000 followers in Facebook in counting.

Joyful – or just plain – curiosity has taken her through art school, and inspired her to spend two years in Lapland studying nature before becoming a mother and entrepreneur.

Besides doodling and illustrating, she leads interactive projects with children making them feel empowered through art. She is as much enchanted by children, as they are by her. Her work with little children for over two decades has earned her the title of “child whisperer” and since starting her spiritual doodle series, she is whispering to inner children as well.

With her loving and uncomplicated doodles, Elina offers a daily, visual breeze of love to a global community. Making the path of spiritual growth feel like a gentle exploration, is her gift – to you.

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